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From my very early memories i can recollect being magnetised towards vivid shapes and colour. From constructing multi-coloured Lego anomalies to becoming lost in space themed holograms, i was in love. Back then i didn’t know how paramount these themes would become in my adult life. Recently my interests have leaned heavily towards the exploration of geometry and how these principals are intertwined with our consciousness.

There is no better way of connecting with archetypal geometry than actually creating it. From pencil, compass and straight edge exploration in 2 dimensions to the 3 dimensional construction of polyhedron forms, by immersing yourself in the creation of these forms you will elevate your awareness of the underlying principals and patterns of the cosmos.

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One method has become especially valuable to me on my journey, the creation of sand mandalas. This practice has been applied by Buddhist monks as a spiritual ritual and form of meditation for centuries. The process involves laying coloured sand using a traditional Chak Pur tool. Starting from the centre Bindu point, and expanding outwards you will go on a journey of your own consciousness and create a beautiful mandala which will mirror it. This process helps you reconnect with the inherent wholeness within you.

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I have attended three Mandala workshops over the past two years, each being a totally different experience, and at the same time being just as beneficial to my state of mind. They have acted as steps towards wholeness in my life. Geoff Fitzpatrick, who facilitates and runs the workshops, is a wealth of knowledge and i don’t think i have ever met a more accommodating and enthusiastic teacher. He fuses elements of Buddhism, sacred geometry and the Holotropic model to bring participants on a fascinating and life changing journey.

Above you can see an advert for his next workshop (designed by me!) which is sure to be a special one. for more information check out

By attending these workshops and others it has given me the encouragement and drive to create my own. Thats all i am saying for the moment, so watch this space!

Mark Dockeray.

Mandala 1 | Mark Dockeray
Mandala 2 | Julia Szvath